More About Kochi Tourism

In Kochi, you may visit privately held museums, architecture, European-built churches, and tiny historical settlements. If you're in Kochi, go visit the Kerala Folklore Theatre to get a taste of the treasure troves that Kochi emanates via its many art and dance styles.

Visiting Kochi without watching magnificent Kathakali is a sin; this exquisite dance style, in which dancers are dressed in colourful costumes and use just their faces and postures to tell an exquisite tale of the area, is a sin. Nonetheless, you may spend a relaxing day on Kochi's beaches or participate in some adventurous activities there. The beaches of Kochi are the place to go if you're searching for a relaxing vacation in India where you can unwind and rest, and they're probably the major reason to visit Kochi. Indeed, you may include exploring the richness of traditional Kerala culture on your list of tourist attractions.

Sail on the backwaters, taste delicious meals and participate in traditional shopping. Going to Kochi is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Amazing delights, calming massages, seaside picnics, and temple treasure troves can all be found only in Kochi. Mattancherry Palace, Paradesi Synagogue, St. Francis Church, Ernakulam Shiva Temple, Indo-Portuguese Museum, and Sree Poornathrayeesa Temple are just a few of Kochi's main tourist attractions.

People Also Ask About Kochi
  • Q: How to reach Kochi?


    • Air: The easiest way to reach Cochin is by air. Cochin International Airport is well connected with all major cities and is only about 29 kilometres from the main city centre. You can take a prepaid taxi, bus, or rickshaw from the airport to the city.
    • Road: You can travel to Cochin by bus from surrounding cities like Bangalore or Mumbai in just 24-30 hours. Cochin is well connected by roadways to all major cities in the country, especially the surrounding ones.
    • Trains: Frequent trains run between Mumbai and Cochin, Madras and Cochin, and Bangalore and Cochin. For those traveling from farther states, there are trains connecting all major cities like Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Delhi, etc to Cochin.

  • Q: What is the best time to visit Kochi?


    • October to March: This is the best time to visit the city. Temperatures hover around an average of 30 degrees which makes travelling through the city pleasant. Most tourists flock to Cochin during this time, so you can expect larger crowds at tourist spots and hotel rates on the higher side.
    • April to September: On the other hand, if you’re looking for a quiet vacation, then April to September would be an ideal time to go. Temperatures are pretty high during this time ranging between 35 to 40 degrees. This is a great time for solo travellers or couples as the city is not crowded and you can secure great deals on hotel tariffs.

  • Q: How to commute in the city?


    • Prepaid taxis like Uber or Ola are the cheapest option for long distances like traveling from Cochin city to Munnar.
    • Auto rickshaws are the best option to travel short to mediums distances around Cochin city. They, however, don’t run by meter so be sure to bargain the conveyance charge mentioned by the drivers before getting into the vehicle.
    • Ferry: There is also a good ferry service in Cochin due to its vast coastline, so those looking to travel by sea can book one of the boat services from Fort Kochi to Vypin or towards the interiors of Ernakulam at a very nominal price.

  • Q: Where can I enjoy water sports activities in Kochin?


    The only international marina in India, the Kochi International Marina, houses an exciting array of watersports like Kayaking, Jet ski rides, Sofa rides, and Banana rides. If you are living in a houseboat, then your package may be inclusive of water activities as well.

  • Q: What are some of the famous beaches in Kochi?


    Cherai and Fort Kochi are the most famous beaches in the city. Unlike Mumbai or Goa, Cochin’s beaches are known for their cleanliness and serenity.

    • Cherai beach is only 35 kilometers away from Cochin and is ideal for swimming or sunbathing due to its shallow waters,
    • Fort Kochi is right around the corner of Cochin city and is meant for a more relaxing getaway.

    Both beaches should be on your ‘‘must-visit places’ list when traveling through South India.

  • Q: What are the things to do in Kochi?



    Kochi is one of the most beautiful cities in Kerala. Decked with historical landmarks, alluring shorelines, religious spots, and much more, it definitely makes it an ideal sightseeing destination in God’s Own Country.

    Cultural Tours:

    This charming port city is also a wonderful destination to witness and enjoy the colourful cultures and traditions in Kerala. Visitors to Kochi can revel in regular Kathakali dance performances along with several other shows while maneuvering around the city.

    Enjoy Backwater Homestay:

    For those visitors who want to delve deep into the history and hospitality of Kochi, they must go for backwater homestays! Located on the outer fringes of the city limits; mostly in and around Alappuzha, these homestays are the doorways to Kerala’s rustic cultures and traditions.

    Visit Chinese Fishing Nets:

    Mostly located towards the northern side of Fort Kochi, the Chinese Fishing Nets have become synonymous with the enchanting beauty of Kochi’s shorelines. On a visit to this promising port city, visitors must visit these traditional fishing nets to have a glimpse of Kerala’s golden past.

  • Q: What is the culture in Kochi?


    Kochi has a mix of both traditional and cosmopolitan culture, being the capital city of the state of Kerala. It has a widely diverse crowd including people from all over the country, and it also has a large Jewish community - the Malabar Yehuden, who form an important part of Kochi’s business circles. Kochi also has a strong foothold in both Jacobite Syrian Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism, with many churches devoted to their spread across the city. The city was a hub of cultural intellectualism in yesteryears, home to many famous writers of Malayalam literature as well as social activists like Sahodaran Ayyappan.

  • Q: What is the local food in Kochi?


    Kochi's cuisine, though has little that stands out, manages to foster the primary elements of a typical Keralan cuisine, and does so in the most splendid way possible. Essentials such as Appam and Stew and delicacies such as Fish Molly, Fish Peera, and more are found here.
    Some of the dishes that one must try in Kochi are Thoran, Banana Chips, Kaalan, Paachadi, and Pootu, which is made from bananas and rice flour. Also, seafood is widespread and exquisite, like in most areas of the state.

  • Q: What are the places near Kochi?


    The top places near to Kochi are Alleppey which is 60 km from Kochi, Munnar which is located 86 km from Kochi, Kumarakom which is located 44 km from Kochi, Ernakulam which is located 2 km from Kochi, Vagamon which is located 75 km from Kochi

  • Q: What are the famous festivals to experience when in Kochi?


    Onam and the Cochin Carnival are two Kerala-specific festivities that are both 10-day extravaganzas featuring feasts, fireworks, and games for residents and tourists alike. The Onam Event, Kerala's largest festival, has mythical roots in Kochi. During Onam, most government and educational institutions, as well as state apparatus, are closed for most of the week. It's also the greatest shopping event of the year, with massive people flocking to MG Road and the rest of Kochi's stores and marketplaces. When you add in parades, snake boat races, and other sports and festivities, it's safe to say that Onam in Kochi is a totally distinct experience.