More About Kolkata Tourism

Kolkata is one of India's most populous cities, but that's a good thing for travelers. Kolkata is known for its diversity; as a result, you will encounter people from various cultures and backgrounds. Everything about this city is so rich and intellectually fulfilling, from the food to the music to the culture to the literature. The city combines the convenience of a metropolis with the nostalgia of a place that has witnessed multiple cultural and social revolutions. It is home to the country's first museum. During British rule, Kolkata was one of the most important cities politically, resulting in architectural influences. The Victoria Memorial, Fort William, Writer's House, and many other historical structures can be visited.

If you are religious, Kolkata has much to offer you as well. Some of the world's oldest and most popular temples, churches, and masjids, as well as some of Kolkata's most important tourist attractions, are located in and around the city. During your breaks, you can go on a day tour of all the religious sites while eating street food. To complete the tour, include a visit to the Ganges River in the itinerary.

People Also Ask About Kolkata
  • Q: How to reach Kolkata?


    Kolkata is a very well-connected city by air, road, and rail. You can pick any suitable mode of transfer, depending on where you are coming from and your travel budget.


    The Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport is one of India’s finest airports. It’s located in Dum Dum and connected to the core of the city by fine roads and over bridges. You can take a yellow taxi or bus to anywhere in the city.


    Kolkata has two of the busiest and largest railway station in India, namely the Howrah Station and the Sealdah Station. There are major railway stations all over the city. Kolkata has a major metro railway system that connects all parts of the city really well.


    It’s really easy to travel to Kolkata by road. There are long-distance AC buses that leave for Kolkata from most Major cities of India. You can reserve a seat online and have a hassle-free journey.

  • Q: What are the things to do in Kolkata?


    • Visit the Mother Teresa House: Mother Teresa is a well-known identity all through the world. The Albanian Roman catholic did a lot while serving India. She spent most of her time in Kolkata. Her former home in Kolkata is now called Motherhouse and is open for interested visitors to visit.

    • Worship at the Kalighat Kali temple: The Kalighat Kali temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess of Kali and is one of the most visited and sacred destinations in the whole of Kolkata. The place attracts approximately thousands of pilgrims every day. While walking to the temple you will realize how packed the city is on both sides with stalls and shops selling religious items.

    • Get fascinated by South Park Street cemetery: Well, this can be qualified as one of the spookiest things to do in Kolkata. Stroll through the city and end up at the South Park Street Cemetry. It is extremely quiet and peaceful and the place, which was set up in 1767 includes at least 160 tombs.

    • Shop at the Sir Stuart Hogg market: Looking to experience Kolkata in a typical, ethnic and rural fashion? Kolkata offers just that. It’s the Sir Stuart Hogg market which is one of the most colorful and vibrant affairs in the city. Visitors can shop for vegetables, clothes, handicrafts and so much more from the place.

  • Q: What would I like here?


    • The Mullik Ghat Flower Market: The Mulluk Ghat Flower Market is located directly under the Howrah Bridge and is the most bustling portion of the city. The market is open at all hours of the day and one can find vendors and porters continuously walking and running up and down the marketplace trying to auction their stalk off to interested buyers.

    • A historic moment at the India Museum: The Indian Museum of Kolkata is one of the most significant structures in the whole of India. There is so much history pouring out of this place, it is unbelievable. The museum has a collection of libraries, artifacts, important documents and so much more. If you are a history buff – you will surely love this place.

    • Relaxing sessions at Belur Math: Unlike the chaotic and constant scams that take place around the place, Belur Math is quite the opposite for a change. It is a safe, peaceful, and perfect place to relax. This place was founded by the great Swami Vivekananda and still exists to be one of the primary attractions in the whole of Kolkata.

    • Indulge in the street food of Kolkata: There are plenty of things to do and see in Kolkata, however, if you are a foodie then you are definitely in for a treat. There’s absolutely nothing more rewarding than taking a nice stroll through the city and taking a bite of Kolkata’s street food.

  • Q: What are the famous attractions in Kolkata?


    The City of Joy is a dream tourist place with a lot of great attractions. You can travel around the city to discover an array of cultural, historical, and modern places bound to satisfy a traveler's heart. Some of the places that you shouldn’t miss are:

    • Indian Museum- India’s oldest and the largest museum. It has a great collection of artifacts from different eras.
    • Mother House- established by Mother Teresa, this is one of the city’s most famous pilgrimages.
    • Park Street- a very famous street, known for its restaurants, pubs, and stores.
    • College Street- famous for the sheer number of bookstores it has. Some of these stores are more than 100 years old.
    • Dakshineswar Kali Temple- a popular religious destination.
    • Maidan- an urban place to enjoy the breeze, eat, and take part in sporting activities, including horseback riding.
    • Victoria Memorial Hall- this marble building was built in memory of Queen Victoria after her death in 1901.
    • Howrah Bridge- a metallic wonder.

  • Q: How to commute in the city?


    Kolkata is a very well-planned city with interconnected main roads and streets. Because of this, you can travel within the city and reach anywhere in no time. There are enough ways to travel in Kolkata, some of which are:


    The metro rail is one of the fastest and most convenient modes of travel available in Kolkata. There are prominent stops that connect the entire city well.


    State and private buses run all around the city all day long. You can find a bus depot near you and find the right bus that’s going to your destination.


    The famous yellow taxi of Kolkata is easy-to-find transportation. You can get one from any street and enjoy a comfortable ride.

    Auto rickshaw and rickshaw

    For short-distance transports, an auto rickshaw is probably your best choice. The same is true for man-powered rickshaws. They are easily available and cheap.

  • Q: What are the best places for shopping in Kolkata?


    Kolkata has modern shopping malls in bundles but it also has old market areas which can be considered tourist attractions too. Some of the best shopping areas in the city are:

    • New Market- shop for clothing, pieces of jewelry, and accessories from here. A crowded market where you can test your bargaining game.
    • Dakshinapan Shopping Center- known for its variety of quality handicraft items.
    • College Street- if you are looking for old and rare books then hop around the bookstores and you might find some true gems.
    • Bara Bazaar- visit this place to discover what a market can be. It’s a chaotic delight.
    • Chowringhee Road- famous for terracotta Items.
    • Shopping malls- if you are searching for branded products then the mall is the answer.

  • Q: What is the best local cuisine? Where can I find them here?


    Kolkata’s biryani is one of its most iconic dishes. The specialty is that you will get potato and boiled egg served with the biryani.

    You must also try Bengali fish preparations and sweets, especially, Rasogolla.

  • Q: What are the famous festivals to experience when in Kolkata?


    The Durga Puja is the biggest festival celebrated in Kolkata. During the 10 days of Durga Puja, Kolkata celebrates the goddess, the light, the sound, and the people- all reflecting the beautiful and peaceful culture of the city.

  • Q: What is the best time to visit Kolkata?


    It can be said definitively that autumn is the time when Kolkata offers its best weather. Just after the monsoons, the temperature cools down and makes the weather most comforting. Here is a breakdown of climates during different seasons:


    Summer starts in March and lasts until May in Kolkata; however, it can sometimes last until mid-June. The temperature stays between 30 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius, with a high level of humidity.


    From June to September, Kolkata experiences its monsoon. It generally rains heavily during these months, sometimes all through the day. This can be a little difficult for tourists.


    Post monsoon and winter are the periods of time when Kolkata will offer you the best atmospheres for traveling. The temperature ranges from 9 degrees Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius.

  • Q: Is Kolkata safe for women?


    Kolkata, the ‘cultural capital of India’ has been announced as the safest city for women in the country. The latest data of the National Crime Record Board (NCRB) reveals that Kolkata has topped the list of 19 Indian cities considered safe for women.